• Boxes


    „Porcja Dobra” Box is the best response to the needs of a child as it combines both, a healthy piece of snack , a toy and a goodwill card. The set one can hardly resist.

  • Twinpacks


    Mood-boosting set - a yummy treat with a share of fun. A twinpack consists of two fruit discs and a goodwill card i.e a double dose of energy for your body and positive vibes for the soul.

  • Balls


    “Porcja Dobra” balls is a great alternative to traditional sweets. Delicious and healthy confectionery created by nature deserve to be shared.

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Porcja Dobra at the 5th edition of E.Leclerc Fair

The next fair is behind us. Such events always give us energy and power to act. When we see the interest of buyers and the fact that they also appreciate the idea that stands behind sweets, not just their taste values we want to act even more dynamically than before.

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Healthy sweets – a must have at every picnic

Family is one of the most important values ​​in life, and shared moments are the best thing we can give to our loved ones. That is why we proudly became a partner of the Family and sports picnic at PGE Błonie National Stadium which took place on September 14.

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Porcja Dobra and Jagiellonia

Porcja Dobra pampers not only the taste buds of kids but also of adults who have also become its fans! We are launching a closer cooperation with Jagiellonia. Learn more…

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poznaj nasAbout us

We belong to the group of people who lead a healthy lifestyle, for whom care for the well-being of our children is a key issue. As a rule, natural and ecological snacks, addressed to children, cost a lot. The vast majority of other products prevailing on store shelves, contain a lot of preservatives and chemical additives that are harmful to the body.

Our goal was to create a line of delicious, healthy, high-energy delicacies that would not become a financial burden to a consumer.


poznaj nasGoodwill card

„Porcja Dobra” line is so special thanks to its unique goodwill cards.

A goodwill card – is a small card with a cheerful picture and a positive message. It evokes a smile on the face and positive emotions, while nurturing such values as gratitude, kindness, goodness and magnanimity.
At the core of our company lies the idea of sharing good. We share good through our products, and through the aforementioned cards and thus encouraging others to share good and positive emotions.