Dobrokarta About us

Where did we get our inspiration from?

We belong to the group of people who lead a healthy lifestyle, for whom care for the well-being of our children is a key issue. As a rule, natural and ecological snacks, addressed to children, cost a lot. The vast majority of other products prevailing on store shelves, contain a lot of preservatives and chemical additives that are harmful to the body.

Our goal was to create a line of delicious, healthy, high-energy delicacies that would not become a financial burden to a consumer. We would like to provide our children with a healthy and tasty bite size brunch snack, which would give give them energy they need and would make them laugh. At the same time parents would no longer have to repeat “this is unhealthy”, “this one is no good”, “too expensive”.

Children the most demanding customers, but we are sure that our Porcja Dobra will appeal to little gourmets and will successfully replace high-processed sweets in their backpacks.

So, how can we interest children with natural products?

Obviously by offering them tasty and healthy sweets at the same time.
Our goal was to create a healthy and nutritive product that would capture children’s interest. That’s how “Porcja Dobra” Box was created – the perfect combination of 3 things:

  • A natural and healthy treat – for the body
  • A surprise miniature toy – for the mind
  • A goodwill card – for the soul

What food are we talking about?

We believe that snacks do not need to contain a long list of hard-to-pronounce food additives to taste well. It is becoming more and more trendy to label snacks in a simple and clear way.

Our attention focused on tropic corners of our planet where fruits and nuts used to produce our snacks ripen in the sun, are cultivated using traditional methods (without pesticides), in ecologically clean areas, far away from civilization.

Within a one–year period we visited numerous countries, we worked on new recipes testing various mixtures on ourselves and our children, until we developed in our opinion the ideal product. That is how the “Porcja Dobra” was created – a healthy snack which is nature’s quintessence.

Our products contain only naturally occurring fruit sugars. They are free from chemical additives. The production process is carried out with the use of methods conducive to the preservation of nutritional values such as vitamins, minerals and naturally occurring fatty acids, having a beneficial effect on health. This is especially important for the proper development of the child.

What is goodwill card?

We share not only a taste for healthy delicacies, but also a common life mission, which is to generate and spread goodness in the world around us. Looking for inspiration, we came across a social project “goodwill cards” presented at the TEDx conference in Russia, which was adapted and reenacted by us. Goodwill cards evoke positive emotions – they entertain, amuse, and at the same time they cultivate such human values ​​as gratitude, conscientiousness, generosity, goodness towards the loved ones and the surrounding world. That’s why we decided to attach goodwill cards to our products to contribute to generating goodness in the world.

Thought about the future

Healthy food, made from the heart and unconditional love are the most important things that we can give our children to begin with and a happy young generation builds the prosperity of the whole nation.

Porcja Dobra is therefore an investment in the future. The direction of our business we wish to be heading in is to raise awareness in the field of healthy eating and to spread a positive attitude towards the world.

We discover new flavors of healthy food, available to everyone and the joy of sharing goodness!