Mood-boosting set – a yummy treat with a share of fun. A twinpack consists of two fruit discs and a goodwill card i.e a double dose of energy for your body and positive vibes for the soul.

A Snack

An offbeat mix of natural ingredients results in a jaw-dropping, long lasting and unforgettable flavor. The sun-ripened fruits and nuts cumulate its (of the sun) energy in the form of vitamins and minerals.

A goodwill card

Did you know that, good deeds like a boomerang, always return?
We’d like to send as much goodness to the surrounding world as possible that’s why we’ve enclosed a goodwill card to our snacks – a small thing with a great force.

About goodwill card

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Available flavours

Date & nut with carob
Multifruit with cinnamon
Apricot & nut
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