„Porcja Dobra” Box is the best response to the needs of a child as it combines both, a healthy piece of snack , a toy and a goodwill card. The set one can hardly resist.

A child is a demanding customer, however we are sure that our „Porcja Dobra” will appeal to little gourmets and successfully replace the highly processed sweets in their little school bags

What are we talking about?

“Porcja dobra” is an all-natural product. The ingredients used for its production are traditionally grown and harvested on the ecologically pure area. Therefore our snacks remain the perfect source of numerous vitamins and minerals as well as healthy fats the supplementation of which play an important role in the proper development of the child.

Toys fostering creativity and imagination

A toy which comes in a set is made of safe materials. It develops imagination, motor skills and mental ability. A child may play on its own, along with their family members or friends. Such an activity promotes estabilishing new relationships as well as helps tightening up the existing relations.

Toy collection

What is a goodwill card all about?

It is a little powerful thing 😊
It promotes the idea of sharing goodness with others. With its help we can express

  • gratitudepodziękować
  • accolade
  • verbal suport
  • or it can simply bring smile to somebody’s face

about goodwill card

Available flavours

Multifruit with cinnamon
Date & nut
Apricot & nut
about discs
Apple & strawberry bar
Apple & plum bar
Apple & blackberry bar
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