Porcja Dobra with 6 Pearls!!!


We knew our products were unique and good, but we didn’t expect such an outcome! In the independent study of the Pearl of the FMCG Market 2019, in which the jury consists of experts in the food industry, we received 6 awards !!! Which is a tremendous achievement if one considers the total number of nearly 400 different products which took part in the competition.

Two Pearls (silver) were given to us for our flagship product, i.e. the Porcja Dobra surprise cube. It has been awarded in two categories – Food Innovation and Food for Children. We also got a silver Pearl award for the fruit and nut disc line (in the category Dried fruit) and fruit and nut balls, which have been distinguished in the category of dietary products. Bronze Pearls have been awarded to us for twin packs – fruit and nut snacks (FIT category) and for fruit leaves (distinguished among EKO, BIO, and VEGE products.)

The FMCG Market Pearl study is organized by the Economic Publishing House. This year its 13th edition took place. It was addressed at the  products that debuted on the market between March 2018 and March 2019. The registered products were sorted into 26 categories. They were evaluated by over 50 experts, including representatives of the largest retail chains, managers and distributors. They tested all products and expressed their opinions in special surveys. When assessing products, they took into account quality, nutritional values, appearance, packaging and sales potential. They also checked to what extent they fit into current market trends and what is their advantage over the competition.

As every year, the Pearl Award is an important information and recommendation for retailers and sellers conveying the message: “Yes, this product is worth having on your shelves. It will attract the customers’ eyes, and after trying it one will be sure that it was worth its money. “

On June 11, during the awards gala at the Renaissance Hotel in Warsaw, we proudly received our awards. They are now standing on the shelf in our office and are enjoying eyes. But we do not rest on laurels. Having such a positive signal with doubled energy and much greater self-confidence, we begin to fill the store shelves with Porcja Dobra. And the appreciation from customers is as important to us as the key experts’ opinion.