Gift boxes

There are many occasions when sweets are making a great gift. Let’s start with birthdays, namedays, children’s day, teacher’s day or other holiday periods such as Christmas or Easter. Sweets are really good gifts and this is why we have created gift cases that you can give without any hesitation.

Healthy sweets

Research shows that children are those who consume the biggest amount of sweets. Therefore, we can and we should have a significant impact on their sweets eating habits. Instead of jelly beans or bars full of added sugar, we offer a healthy alternative. The delicacies of the Porcja Dobra are completely natural, made only with fruit and nuts. They are free from added sugar, preservatives or artificial food colouring. We have been working with educational institutions such as nurseries, kindergartens, schools and they have trusted us and are happy to choose healthy Porcia Dobra sweets not only for their menu, but also for various festive occasions.

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Gift Box
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