Well-received debut of our „Porcja Dobra” range

udany debiut

„Porcja Dobra” had its debut during the last year’s Sweets and Snacks Congress taking place in Warsaw Renassaince hotel on November 15 which gathered about 400 enterpreneurs 230 of which were producers and the remaining 170 were traders

The debut of our snack brand turned out a success. It was met with a great interest from visitors who every now and then formed a que in front of our stand. Despite the Congress was an industry event addressed at food industry representatives who are up-to –date with the market trends ”Porcja Dobra” line aroused their interest and approval being complimented especially for the fact that with such a plain composition we have obtained a surprisingly good and rich taste. During the congress we also participated in an essential conference on the current state and the newest trends on the market. The meeting was also an excellent opportunity to establish business contacts, to start new business relationships and above all to present our products to prospective contractors. Apart from that we also took part in individual face-to-face meetings with selected business partners, purchase directors and buyers of particular categories in retail chains. We hope the results of our business meetings and negotiations will quickly translate into prompt availability of our „Porcja Dobra” products at the major supermarket chains in Poland and thus the good will spread, proliferate and multiply.