Goodness returned in the form of Consumer Quality Leader – DEBUT OF THE YEAR 2019


We are pleased to inform you that our efforts to make snacks produced by Pure Life something more than just a little smackerel have been appreciated by market experts as well.

The editors of “Strefa Gospodarki”, a nationwide, independent supplement distributed along with “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”, recognized the business potential hidden in our products. They recognized that they (products) are  an excellent response to the demand of the Polish market. So they awarded us the title Consumer Quality Leader for best DEBUT OF THE YEAR 2019. This is the first such distinction for us so it makes us even more happy.

The economic journalists, based on expert and consumer research, determine what brand performed in the given year the best. This applies to known brands, but in the Debut of the year category, new products are evaluated. Those that are just trying to win customers’ trust and appreciation. But they have this “something” that makes them stand out from the crowd. Porcja Dobra is distinguished by the fact that it is not only a healthy all-natural snack. But furthermore it conveys the message that it is worth being good – also to yourself, wishing well all around oneself.

 The program’s motto sounds: “CHOOSE THE BEST ONE!” And is very close to the thought that accompanied us in creating the Porcja Dobra line. We wanted to do something special and share it with others. So the new year looks promising and … tasty